The Collected poems.

Few months with a typewriter on a public space with one single message: write something you want to tell your ex.

I figure it out that there are a lot of angry people for so many reasons.

Exhibit for the first time at:

PANEL GALLERY. FAMU. Prague. Czech Republic.

How was this related to photography? I told myself. I remember reading a book about Photo Fictions of French philosopher François Laruelle. A photo fiction is creating a photograph with the eyes “half closed”. When you are doing a picture, according to his thoughts, you have to get off the camera apparatus and think about the essence of the picture itself rather than just taking the picture. The mechanism of photography here was the typewriter and the photo is the memory that is written in this pages.

Revising all this memories and thoughts I saw a phenomenon that even it’s not new, I couldn’t have noticed before I saw it. In the social media era, we can destroy a relationship with a message. And all of this emotions and feelings are stock in the body, soul and mind of the person who has the broken heart. Maybe this is why the reaction for the question was so violent. I called this reactions “collected poems” because it’s a modern way to express their feelings. They are not “just” confessions. They are articulated memories and words from an exact period of time were the person lived with someone else but couldn’t express his emotions after everything ended.

Some people insist that deconstruction is necessary for creation. So I reunited 20 pages of this collected poems and broke the middle glass with a hammer. I can control a broken glass, I just hit it hard. It’s like I felt the rage of all this people and the power of their words combined. This words reminded me of poetry of 16th century with names like Ján Silván or Juan Boscán.

Juan David Calderón Ardila

People from all over the world have experience love in so many ways, in so many forms. Must of the times, we like to talk about our couples. Love is in nature, in literature, in movies, in art, in music. Love can be the inspiration or the ruin of an artist.

I suffered the consequences of love too. I also had a broken heart. I was interested about the idea of how a relationship can affect our behavior in so many ways. Society has taught us that is better to keep it silence and not to express our feelings. After a period of reflection, I didn’t see the point of going in the status quo so I decided for few months to put a typewriter and one single message in both languages, Czech and English: “write something you want to tell your ex”.

I leave it there for 3 months until December of 2018 and I saw the results later. I was expecting to find beautiful words. Instead, I figured it out there’s a lot of angry people for so many reasons. Few nights passed until I finally could read all of the pages. There was something in there: some kind of magic and power in the words it got me interested. There was rage, anger but expressed in so many ways and so many orders. People were very creative to write their emotions and memories.