Juan David Calderón Ardila

Colombian photographer, filmmaker and self portrait artist. Lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia

San Juan De Pasto, February 1996.



UNIVERSITY OF LA SABANA. BfA Audiovisual Communications and multimedia. Colombia, 2016.

UNIVERSITY OF LA SABANA. Minor in Audiovisual Production. Colombia 2016.

UNIVERSITY OF LA SABANA. Course in advanced photography and techniques. 120 hours, Colombia. 2016

MINISTRY OF CULTURE. Chamber of commerce. Artbo Tutor. 6 months. Colombia, 2018



Spanish, Engish, French



CANON LATINAMERICA. National photographic Award. Winner. National Photography day. Colombia 2016

ISTITUTO MARANGONI. Master in Fashion photography, styling and film scholarship. Winner. Partial scholarship. Milan, Italy. 2017.

TAI SCHOOL OF THE ARTS. Artistic photograhy and documentary narratives call. Finalist. Madrid, 2016.

TOO MANY FLASH SCHOOL. Fashion and advertising photography scholarship. Winner. Partial scholarship. Madrid 2016.

BOGOTA INTERNATIONAL MUSIC VIDEO FESTIVAL. Best music video: Contratiempo Pilar Cabrera. Nominee DP Assitant. 2017

BOGOTA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Short Film La Jaula. 2016. Nominee First Assitant DP. 2016



THE NEW YORK TIMES. New York Times portfolio review 2018. Personal Publication

SEE ME. SeeMe at Armory Show, New York. Artist featured. 2018. Online Publication

NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC MUSEUM  Fotográfica Bogotá -  National Call/ Convocatoria Nacional. Criadas. 2017 - Colombia, 2017. Print & Online Publication

VOGUE - PHOTOVOGUE VOGUE ITALIA. Selected Pictured Portfolio: italy, 2017.

FASHION GRUNGE Exclusive editorial: A trip to the woods. New York 2017

iGNANT Criadas. Denmark. 2016. Online publication

ENFOQUE VISUAL MAGAZINE. El aplauso y sus bemoles. Selected Pictures. Bogotá, Colombia 2015. Printed & online Publication

FUNDACIÓN VIZTAZ. Retratos de Colombia book. Selected photographs, Criadas. Bogotá, Colombia 2016. Printed Book Publication 



Collective Expositions

CONExpo ART FAIR. Selected photpgrahs, collective exposition. Colombia, January 2018

PINTA MIAMI ART FAIR El Camarín by Myopia Media and Peruvian Goverment. Collective exposition. Collaboration with Yara Thiriat. Miami, USA. 2017 

M Art, ART FAIR. El Garaje, La Macarena & La Maison Gallery. Collective exposition. Colombian's Art Week. A lump in the throat. Colombia, 2017

GOVERMENT OF COLOMBIA. Ministry of culture. La Ruta Natural by Nelson Amezquita Cifuentes. 2017. Selected photographs. Boston, USA. 2017

EL GARAJE GALLERY. Extasis collective exposition. Colombia, december 2017.

EL GARAJE GALLERY. En Carne Propia collective exposition. Colombia, december 2017.

BATH GALLERY, Reproduction, Colombian Art Collective Exhibition. Bath, U.K. 2017

NUEVEOCHENTA GALLERY. Arte Joven collective exposition. Colombia 2016


Individual Exhibitions:

IX WEEK OF COMMUNiCATION. UNIVERSITY OF LA SABANA. Individual Exposition: Beginings of Melodrama. 2016.



FREELANCE. Photographer & Cinematographer


Sony Music Co, Warner Music Co- Mougli, Peugeot, Pilar Cabrera, Deezer, Ministerio de cultura Colombia, Peruvian Goverment, Myopia Media, Zientte, Atelier, Agadón, Semolina, Gamberro. Siónica publicidad, Canal Capital, ANTV Colombia, Beeston, Mishky, Totto, El Retiro Shopping mall, Heinneken, Cerveza Sol, Jaggermeister, Netflix Red Carpet, Dynamo.


CANAL CAPITAL. Video Content producer. Live and VTR television. 

La Escena TV Program. ANTV. 2018

Deezer Program. 2018

Newsroom. Culture, art & entertainment section. 2018

Suena Bogotá TV Program. 2018

Video Capital Program

Senate and Congress TV special. 2018


ESTUDIO CODESIGN. Lead Photographer. 2017.