This is a portrait project that talks about what people feel when they think in a specific moment in their lifes 

Melodrama is a project that aims to talk about memories. Each photograph is based on what people feel when they think about a specific moment in their life: their first love, their first punishment, their childhood, the anxiety of not expressing feelings.

Melodrama is a project series of 25 portraits under the studio of Punctum and Studium. According to Barthes: Studium is the part of the photograph that the author plans, seeks and consciously perceives. While the Punctum, is the quality that even outside the conscious control of the author pricks and catches us.

This Project started in 2015 and is still under construction. Melodrama, as its name and its meaning implies, it’s a popular genre that shows the good and the bad in shocking situations (sometimes it could look fantastic of irreal) and usually it’s portrayed in a theatrical way or in a stage scenario. In melodrama the feelings are exaggerated and the situations could look implausible.