The unexpected colors of la havana

I went to la Havana with no purpose more than to explore the colors of a city that is stocked in time.

panoramic_JUAN CALDERON.jpg

By juan david calderón A.


Yellow Ladies house, 12:30 am in La Havana, Cuba

I found myself traveling and exploring the colors and architecture of the city while I enjoy a family time. I decided to have my camera everywhere. So, I shot this at late nite in the old Havana, I was curious with the light and the numerous girls that where sitting in that street. So I ask cubanos, and they told me this was a place where most of this ladies offer tourists their services.


the blues

Suddenly, all the pieces came together. All lights went out, all colors combined.







And even the taxi drivers repairing cars had their own colors, their own magic. 

green light

In one of the late night walks, i say this couple taking a taxi in the capitol of the city. A hotel near were projecting green lights for a party. I didn't hesitate, and took the shot. 

taxi driver_red.jpg


After few days staying in my sister's house in the city I found her dinning room quite colorful and mysterious. She always put a glass of water in the middle of the table at late nights. I still don't know why. 

mid class dinner.jpg

Witches in the sky

We visited Casablanca, one of the most beautiful places in the capital of Cuba. And while we enjoy the view we imagined that this people were witches about to fly. 


A two shadow streetlight

Finally, I took this pictures while my brother was exploring the castle. 

two shadows.jpg

Pictures by: Juan David Calderón Ardila

Instagram: @juandacalar