Genesis of fire 

Studio of redheaded people

The first to come out was red, and his whole body was like a hairy garment; so they named him Esau.
— Genesis 25:25

Everything begins in the womb: hair, freckles, eyes, skin, even feeling.

Also, It should be noted that my at- tempts to get a sun tan were terribly accepted by my body so I gave up, and rather, I applied a lot of sunscreen.

When I grew up I realized that, because of my physical condition, I was also very photosensitive. My place of birth is loca- ted at 2600 meters above sea level and, although it is very cold all year round, when the sun hits, it does it very hard.

I arrive to the capital when I was 15 years old. When I arrived in the capital, I met Daniel and saw that he was not the only one who had those characteristics. Although not the same as me, Daniel shared some things that others did not understand of my physycal appeareance, or even mocked about it. I don’t know how, I grew up and my hair darkened to be coppery-blond. People may confuse me as a redhead and, at the time, the idea bothered me a little. Then I understood that, as well as other hair colors, we also have similar or different characteristics that were the result of a variation in the MC1R region of chromosome-16.

I first met Daniel four years ago. Among other things, I was very struck by his uniqueness; He was red-haired. When we met, we realized that we both had the same condition. The people, not so used in the countries near the equatorial line to see “gingers”, sometimes looked at us in the streets amused. The most superstitious ones, were kind of frightened.: “look, two red- heads, they will bring us bad luck”.

It was very funny that the lady who said that, two minutes later she tripped on the street and we were the ones who helped her to stand up.

I have never considered myself as a red- head. I have blond hair since I was little. When I was younger, my eyebrows were crystal clear, transparent. I had freckles but they disappeared at an early age. I am also very white; Whenever I went to the beach as a child it was a to- tal problem not only for me but for my mother who helped me endure the pain and sunburn for several nights to heal.

How to study the origin of gingers?


I started to dig a little into books, internet and popular culture what a “ginger” person was. I found myself reading very funny and other very powerful. Some cultures are afraid of us, others hate us, others venerate us.

I found my answer in the birth. That dark moment, an unusual limbo between not being anyone and to be. The most stressful event in the life of the fetus is birth, to born. Photography was the most effective way of communication to make these interpretations, from a process of imaginative construction photography I recreated how it could be to be inside the womb minutes before being born.

I approached this project from a semi-perfomance point whose purpose was an exploration exercise where I showed the similarities and differences of a person with our characteristics.

I try to show the world our kind of authenticity.