Art Projects

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My core interest as an artist is to explore themes trough magic realism and pictorialism. More specifically, my curiosity and desire to explore themes such as upbringing, the strength of the mind over memories, the loneliness as self-sufficiency, nostalgia, the construction and deconstruction as a necessary pleasure for creation. I like to combine surrealism with national reality, after an investigatory process. In my artwork I merge aesthetics conceptualizing them with a particular theme between identity and social work. I believe that constructed photography could merge boundaries such as Documentary and Fine Art photography

My work explores the construction and reconstruction of identity.


ARMAROLLA MAGAZINE (2020). “Far from” printed article. Text and photography. Summer Issue. Cyprus.
F- STOP MAGAZINE (2020). “Staying at home together” web article. Photography. Issue number 102t Chicago, USA,

DotArt (2020) Staying at home together” book. Photography. Trieste, Italy, ACTIUP (2020). Eastern Blocks. “Islands of Prague” article. Photography and text. Berlin, Germany
LUI (2020) “ZDENĚK HŘIB”. Photography. Online.

LADY GUNN (2020) “Retro Hybrid”. Online article. Photography. AVIANCA MAGAZINE (2019). “Prague, the legend that did happen.” Principal text, photography and audiovisual work.
VOGUE ITALY & L’UOMO VOGUE (2019) “The Brightest side of EU”. Photography. Online, social media.
THE NEW YORK TIMES (2018) NYTimes portfolio Review. The USA.
ARMORY WEEK, (2018) SeeMe at Armory Show New York. Online Featured Artist. New York, USA
MODEL CITIZEN MAG (2018). Interview for blog section. Online
THE COUCH BROS (2018). Uncouched with Juan Calderon. Online NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC MUSEUM (2016) Fotográfica Bogotá - National Call. Bogota, Colombia. Printed and online
FASHION GRUNGE (2017) Exclusive editorial USA. Online
IGNANT (2016) Publication of Criadas. Text and photography Online ENFOQUE VISUAL MAGAZINE (2015) El aplauso y sus bemoles. Review of work by art curators. Bogota, Colombia. Printed




CANON LATINAMERICA. (2016). National photographic awards. WIN- NER
TAI SCHOOL OF THE ARTS. (2016). Artistic and documentary photography call. FINALIST

LENSCULTURE. Magnum photographic awards. TOP RATED PICTURE.




MUSRARA MIX FESTIVAL (2019). Displacement. Collective exhibition. Jerusalem, Israel.
PANEL GALLERY (2019). Oh, my love. Prague, Czech Republic.
FAMU (2019) MASTER KLAUSURY FAMU. Katedra fotografie FAMU. Prague CONEXPO ART FAIR. (2018) Collective. Colombia

THE BLACK INDIAN INN GALLERY (2018). The natural Route by Nelson Amezquita. Government of Colombia in Boston. The USA.
PINTA MIAMI ART FAIR (2017). El Camarín by Myopia Media and the Peruvian Government. The USA.

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY (2017) Fotográfica Bogota. National Call. Collective exposition. Bogota, Colombia.
EL GARAJE GALLERY. (2017). Extasis and En Carne propia exhibition. Bogota, Colombia.

SION HILL GALLERY. (2017). Reproduction: Colombian art exhibition. Collective exhibition. Bath, UK
M ART FAIR (2017). Collective exhibition. Colombia
NUEVEOCHENTA GALLERY (2016). Young art room. Collective exhibition. Bogota, Colombia.

The UNIVERSITY OF LA SABANA. (2016) Melodrama. Individual exposition. Bogota, Colombia.




ART AND FACT. (2020) interview with Juan Calderon. Miami, USA
OPTOPUS (2020). Playful Judgements: an interview with Juan Calderon. Pasto, Colombia
SEMANA. (2019). Todo sobre los programas audiovisuales en Colombia. Interview. Colombia. Online.